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"Just a luminous idea"

Along the intricate paths of history it was always primordial elements that helped our species reach farther and farther. At some point, under the hands of master craftsmen forests morphed into majestic ships. Ropes and sails harnessed the ocean’s winds. Soon after, the Earth lost its flatness.

It all started as just a luminous idea...

“Just a luminous idea”. Oil on linen glued on panel, 61 x 47 inches, “Whispering Civilizations Series.

Copyright @eugenflorinzamfirescu

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Vivera HP
Vivera HP
02 may 2022

This painting is magnificent. The way that the artist has captured the depth of the painting and the light is remarkable- the painting looks like it could pop out of the page, something that's not easy to harness.

Me gusta
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