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"The Universe Vibrates" Series

"The Universe Vibrates" and "String Theory" are two deeply interconnected painting series that have as a basis the priciples of string theory which posits that the most fundamental elements of the universe are a limited number of vibrating strings. These vibrations give rise to a diverse array of particles and forces, suggesting a cosmic symphony at play. In the large paintings of "The Universe Vibrates" series the artist is interpreting the universe as a grand composition of vibrations. This interpretation resonates with philosophical and scientific ideas that suggest everything in the cosmos is interconnected through fundamental forces and vibrations, from the smallest subatomic particles to the vast structures of galaxies. The artist’s interpretation also touches upon the ancient philosophical concept of the ”music of the spheres,”where the movements of the celestial bodies were seen as part of a grand, harmonious musical composition.


The idea that the universe is a kind of poem, with each element contributing to an overarching harmony, is a beautiful metaphor that captures the imagination and wonder of exploring  nature, from the very small to the maximum dimensions. It reflects a unity and beauty in the Cosmos that has inspired scientists, poets and philosophers for centuries. 

Medium: oil on canvas glued on panel, various dimensions


Distand Mind probe into the Palm of your Hand.jpg
Probe into morphing dimensions1000pxls .jpg
Nebulous recombination_edited.jpg
Non specific patterns of time.jpg
Forging Space-Time.jpg
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