Step into an artist's world...

Born in a small town in Romania, Florin built his first camera out of a shoe box. His early work survived only in his imagination. Presently he lives in St Marys Ontario where he pursues his lifelong passions: fine arts painting and photography, philosophy, astrophysics and quantum mechanics. 

Finding beauty in truth and truth in beauty is at the core of Florin’s work. He is an explorer, fascinated by the evolutionary timelines of civilizations, the slow decay of societies, and the laws of nature that affect everything from molecules to galaxies.

STorture Burlap portrait of florin (10 of 15).jpeg

"...artists are probes in parallel universes, satellites exploring alternative existences…"

Creative process

“I am fascinated by time, old instruments, intricate machinery, the laws of physics and humankind’s connection to past, present and future. Common to all is my quest to unravel the stories within, to reveal the inner beauty of my subjects
and capture their elusiveness.”



"I study a lot and I feel more and more
that philosophy on its own can no longer answer the deeper questions we have about the meaning of life, of our existence. So I bring science into my art. By understanding the laws of physics and how the universe works we might, one day, while never
fullyreach it, come closer
to an answer."


“I love light. It is always an important, central presence in all my work. Light is pure energy – photons at work – and I play with it the way I play with clay. I am thrilled at its flexibility, the fact that it can reveal a story, dilute or concentrate a message, make suggestions of
things that are not really there."