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Echoes of Spring's Return...

Updated: Apr 15

We celebrated March 1st - the arrival of spring in Romania, our native country - on March 2nd and what a wonderful spring day! 

It started with picking a few snowdrops from our garden and reminiscing of childhood family trips each March to take in the spring air, to roam through the forest and come home with a tiny bouquet of spring harbinger flowers. 

We then decided to spend our morning at The Wild Hog in Stratford and what a treat, from the scrumptious almond croissants, to the freshly out of the oven bread and the honey lavender latte! We stayed at the balcony sampling yummy foods, people-watching, reading and adding on paper some verses. Belive me, nothing like writing poetry in a cafe, enveloped in scents of coffee and bakery goods, seeing the sun shining and having no doubt good weather is coming back again!

We had to fit into our schedule a bit of work mind you, more precisely buying some art materials, always an expedition full of excitement. I do not exaggerate when I say we visited most Home Hardware stores in the area - and that's not few! - for a certain glue, of a certain size, from a certain supplier, to - lo and behold - end up getting it from Michaels!

The day came to a close with a long walk through the provincial park nearby, dinner, a photo session, magic chocolate because all chocolate is magic, and more verses…

“Dormant nature waits

Beneath snow’s weight

Spring dreams to awake.

Sun’s golden fingers

Wake earth from deep sleep

Life thrives in its glow.

Snowdrops peek through white

Whispers of spring softly sing

New life begins now.”

poem by Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu


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