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Capturing the seemingly impossible...

Updated: Apr 15

Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu's new creations are painterly incarnations inspired by knowledge from the scientific fields, reaching the artist's mind and residing there for years, until they eventually hatch out and become magical works of art. 

The series "CHRONOSPATIAL MACHINES" is a natural evolution of his concept of Quantum Mechanic Cyber Sapiens "Qu-Me-Cy-Sas", and has at the basis the deeply thought provoking notion that Space can flow like Time and Time can fold like Space. The artist, in his imagination, sees the "Qu-Me-Cy-Sas" entities as being capable of space time interchanging and with ease accessing multiple dimensions.

Thus, by reaching into the higher fields of imagination, these new artworks allow us to see glimpses of what could be going on at the fundations of the universe, as imagined and interpreted by the artist.

"A machine stands alone humming with grace, Spinning space into time and time into space."

from "Chronospatial Machines" poem, by Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu

"The Bizzare Temporal Flux Genesis", mixed media


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