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A glimpse into the art...

"WHISPERING CIVILIZATION" SERIES - oil paintings on panel

This project has emerged and evolved for years in the mind of the artist and has later on become a series of paintings focused on the history, present and future of our human societies. 

Human enterprise, in its fight for "civilization", has had dire consequences for the Earth and all its species. Each civilization has followed a seemingly identical trait: creation succeeded by destruction, progress displaced by devastation and in many circumstances by outright erasures.

The project attempts to present what we have done from a rather unusual perspective, one where geography and borders, historical figures and the dates of wars are of no relevance.  With all this out of the way, what remains is the essence of what we have done. 


We all have heard of Einstein and know that E=mc^2 means that energy can become mass and vice versa when the mass has very high velocity. But here is the thing: we do not see those marvelous laws in action because we are too small and they happen too far away. 

By contrast Boltzmann, an Austrian physicist, is almost unheard of, even though his discoveries relate to everything in the universe and are of at least an equal importance, if not greater than that of Einstein’s. And here’s the thing: we encounter them at every turn in our lives.


It all started with Mr. Boltzmann asking the question, the deceivingly simple question of what happens when a hot object meets a cold one. Putting it another way; when someone’s hand coming in from outside winter’s cold shakes the hand of someone that has been dwelling near the fireplace and warming. Is the cold flowing into the warm hand or the warmth flowing into the cold hand? Well, who cares? As long that they are later on comfortably sipping a glass of wine, everything is fine. Not for  Boltzmann.


Curiosity in finding the correct scientific answer put him on a path that directly led to the mind-boggling worlds of quantum mechanics. Boltzmann understood

that energy, the heat, is generated by atoms vibrating at very high frequency.  When travelling into the coldness the atoms are slowly losing their vibrating frequencies, their energies. With this loss through dissipation they eventually lose their binding powers. The heartbreaking result is that atoms are saying goodbye to one another for eternity. They cannot recombine again, they have lost their energy. Now we can explain why once scrambled the eggs can’t be made whole again. And this is profound; it generates a time arrow. Time itself flows as we know it because the energies cannot be reassembled once dissipated, it is the reason why everything ages. It's called The Entropic Principle. 

Collecting vintage objects for their own intrinsic beauty and seeing the ravages of time, the Entropic Principle at work, slowly but surely afflicting the integrity of what once was, the artist, with this series, becomes a poet of disintegration, a captor of a moment in time, in the slow decay caused by atoms flaking away into the universe.

But even though it seems an implacable destiny for everything great and small, there may be solace and hope and joy in postulating that there can be events in this universe that escape the crunching wheels of entropy, of time. Every photograph by Florin contains references to music, the marvelous mind-creation that may be impervious to the dissipations of energy.

"THE UNIVERSE VIBRATES" Series - oil paintings on canvas


Abandoning the figurative as narrative, Florin prepares us for an inward journey into the aesthetic and makes the case for an imagined series of thought experiments.  

In the world of quantum mechanics up to eleven dimensions seem to coexist and interact in ways that we can only start to grasp. It is the place where cats can be simultaneously dead and alive. Where photons can be in two places at the same time. Where particles are jumping back and forth in time.

It is a hard to understand world and if this is to be surpassed, it would require employing a process of transfigurations of what we know so far as reality. With a bang of colourful masterpieces Florin is taking us along on a fascinating journey into the world of particles and sub particles. 

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