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"The Art of Ideas Gallery attempts to reach for a deeper understanding of the purpose of art.  It brings forward the argument that, for humans to advance as a civilization, our art should become both a social and a mental glue. It must interrogate reality, focus on and integrate the whole spectrum of human activities, in particular science. 


As a species, we should learn to bridge fields that are not apparently related, imagine and test the frontiers of knowledge and expression towards a future where humans are unshackled from economic and energy chains.


Throughout Art of Ideas there are galleries that reveal a different perspective on our history, others with thought experiments on what lies at the foundation of the universe and yet others where one can dream of what might come after us.


Ultimately this space is not about the artist or any individual artwork, it is about possible futures and you, the visitor, becoming an active part of our collective destiny. 


I dream, invent and forge each and every work with the hope it will give perspective and lasting memories. I feel that above all, we must ensure we will continue to exist and to evolve into our better selves. The Art of Ideas Gallery is thus a reflection centre; a place of learning, engagement and hopefully illumination. "


Let's expand the horizons of our future with art, science and crazy ideas

The Artist

Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu’s formal introduction to art was through the study of both photography and cinematography in Romania. He has completed professional projects in film direction and editing, photographic portraits and essays. He is a self-taught painter. His art is inspired by science, history, philosophy, society.

The House

Built in 1880s for Charlotte Carter  and Henry Rice, as a wedding present  from Charlotte’s father, grain merchant, George Carter. The Rices moved back to the Carter home in the  late 1880s and subsequently this  Italianate villa has had a series of  interesting owners through its history, perhaps most notably the Dr.  Thomas Sparks family.

The Art

Art inspired by science, history and philosophy is at the core of Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu’s work. In the evolutionary timelines of civilizations, in the slow decay of societies, in the laws of nature that affect everything from molecules to galaxies, the artist is an explorer fascinated by it all.


The Art of Ideas Gallery and Historical House is open for  guided tours Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays. Advanced tickets are required and bookings are done via Eventbrite. Please check our Admissions page for more details, dates and times. Private tours are also available on week days (conditions apply).

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