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Our Events

All through the year Art of Ideas Gallery is hosting concerts, plays, poetry and experimental initiatives so please check this page regularly for announcements and updates. Information and details on events can also be found on our Admission/Booking page or you can contact us at 437 774 3631 or by email at


Tea Stories, Games and Tea at the Gallery

Join Art of Ideas Gallery and Andybela eaTEAry for an afternoon of tea-rific stories on the history of  tea, its health benefits as well as a chance to sample and buy your favourite teas and unique tea blends.

Oh, and there will be games...

When: Sunday July 23rd, 4pm - 6pm

Where: Art of Ideas Gallery, 235 Jones St East, St Marys, ON

Tickets: $30 

For details and to buy tickets contact or call us

at (1) 437 774 3631

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September 17th, 2023
Jazz Concert 2.png

Music at the Gallery Series: Journey through JAZZ

Our Music at the Gallery Series continues with an exciting Journey Through Jazz Concert, with Dan Ionescu on 8 string Guitar and John MacMurchy on alto/tenor sax and clarinet.


LISTEN : John MacMurchy & Dan Ionescu - For the Love of Song


WHAT: Music at the Gallery Series: Journey Through Jazz

WHEN: Sunday September 17th, 4:30pm

WHERE: Art of Ideas Gallery, 236 Jones St E, St Marys


Info and reservations:

Dan Ionescu has had an outstanding musical career as guitarist, composer and band leader, spanning over four decades in both Europe and Canada. His  early musical  education began  with  classical  piano, followed  by  guitar  at  age  of  15.  He began  touring  and recording  professionally  in  the  early  ‘80’s  in  his  native Romania as well as in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany and France. In late 1996 he moved to Toronto and became soon a constant presence on the busy GTA jazz scene. Dan has been recording with Canada’s top players, such as Don Thompson, Pat LaBarbera, Phil Dwyer, Robi Botos, David Braid, Neil Swanson, John MacMurchy, Bernie Senensky, Dave Restivo, Norman Marshall Villeneuve, Jim Vivian, Kieran Overs, among many others.  His enduring collaboration with saxophonist John McMurchy led in 2019 to the "Live at the Canterbury" CD - their latest duo project recorded live in the studio. Expanding the possibilities of a traditional guitar, from 2010 Dan started pioneering an 8-string version of his own design and construction that he's been playing almost exclusively since.

John MacMurchy is a performer, composer and recording artist. A woodwind player, John concentrates on clarinet, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone and is fluent in jazz and classical repertoire. He has released five full length records to critical acclaim and international airplay. John has worked with international artists as varied as Warren Vache, Howard Alden, Guido Basso, Henry Mancini, Cleo Laine, Linda Ronstadt, Carol Channing, Peter Appleyard, John Dankworth as well as being in demand as a sideman on the Toronto scene.

"It's an honest sound that John uses to converse with the listener. Nothing is hidden. It's all there on the table. Heart. Experience. Pleasure. Life." -Sheldon Zandboer

Celebrating the
International Day of Romanian Blouse "IA"

June 24th, 2023

La Blouse Roumaine IA (ee-ah) is a movement that grew organically, around the image and meaning of the Romanian blouse, IA. Aside from their timeless beauty, these blouses are special as venerable anthropological artifacts, communicating through hand-embroidered symbols the identity of their wearer.


IA is an item of clothing that signifies femininity. It is handmade and the complex embroidery takes weeks to sew. The patterns are not random but full of meaning for those who know how to read them. Those living in the lowlands use the colours green and gold, those living in the highlands use red, grey and brown, while the rivers are represented by silver. The colours can also vary according to the age of the person wearing the blouse. The married and elder women would wear toned-down colours, while the younger would wear bright colours.


The International Day of the Romanian Blouse  IA / La Blouse Roumaine IA is celebrated every year on June 24 and is the culmination of efforts to include the famous shirt in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

International Day of Romanian Blouse.png

May 28th, 2023

Poster - May 28 '23 (1).jpg

Music at the Gallery Series:
Celebration of Classical Composers born in the month of May

We welcome you to an afternoon of delightful music celebrating some of the composers born in the month of May.

We will be joined by Mannheim Virtuosi String Trio:

Angela Cox-Daly, Violin

Ross Daly, Viola

Ben Bolt-Martin, Cello

Tickets $50. Contact us at 437 774 3631 or email at to reserve your tickets. 

Music at the Gallery Series
Serenade to Spring

We welcome you for an afternoon of enchanting music celebrating the arrival of spring.


Please join us as we unite music and visual arts in the wonderfully glorious setting that is Art of Ideas Gallery.


For our first concert of the year we are delighted to welcome two wonderful guest musicians:Angela Cox-Daly and Ross Daly.

Angela Cox-Daly, Violin

Ross Daly, Viola

Tickets; $40. Contact us at 437 774 3631 or email to reserve your tickets.

April 23rd, 2023

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