Elena Dumitru and Eugen-Florin Zamfirescu, a human rights activist and a visual artist - two people with a dream and the will to make it happen...


Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the revolution in our native country Romania, searching for new horizons, young at heart and hoping for adventures, we emigrated to England where together we opened a new chapter in our own journey and metamorphosis.

After nearly seven years on British shores we “metamorphosed” again, this time in Canada. For Elena that meant pursuing a career in human rights and for Eugen-Florin a huge life change from video and photography to monumental oil painting, history of civilizations, astro-physics and quantum mechanics.

​Towards the end of 2017 we realized our apartment in Toronto was all of a sudden small and getting smaller by the day. We were definitely in need of a large space to house all Florin's art as well as our collection of books, furniture, and fascinating objects. We were in need of a new adventure...

A series of fortunate events brought us to the little town of St. Marys, Ontario and to the historical house we now call The Art of Ideas.


"My artwork tells a story, with each painting part of a larger narrative. They cannot be separated and I hope one day I will have them all in my own museum."

That dream became a reality a few years ago when we bought a house in the town of St Marys, Ontario. In the unique space called Art of Ideas one can find all of Florin’s major works as well as the objects and writings that inspired him. 


Each room is permeated by the belief that together arts and science should discover, promote, imagine and test the frontiers and boundaries of knowledge and artistic expression.

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